WiFi for Retail

Provides your customers with the ability to do some work…
while they are shopping

Hundreds of millions of people worldwide carry an iPhone, an iPod or an Android phone in their pockets all day long. The demographics varieties are rich in the 25-55 y old, with a better than average income. So, unless your retail business is in the low end market, you have all the best reasons in the world to try and attract this population in your shops.

WiFi for retail is a service created by imezio to allow a fast paced deployment of branded, marketing ready, hassle free wifi hotspots in your premises. While your customers will draw many benefits out of this service, it will give your business another channel to push your brand and ads.

Create the best fit for your target

Imezio’s wifi for retail allow a full customisation of the whole user experience: look and feel, sign-in process, loyalty recognition and schemes, traffic allowance, repeat periods… Imezio keeps developing new sign-in schemes all the time to suit specific environment and clienteles. You are given a wealth of choices to seduce your target. Nothing is cast in stone: you can change any feature at any time.

A modular approach that works with what you already have

We have adopted a highly modular approach where the sharing device is separated from the network distribution, i.e. Wi-Fi on 2.4GHz, Wi-Fi on 5GHz, wired networks.
As a result you can keep using a well performing network that suits your needs and hook our sharing device onto it, or ask us to provide the whole shebang.



Your customers and your brand deserve quality, especially for a free service. With imezio there is no compromise on quality. As a standard feature, any of your premises can request one of our experts to audit the performance of your hotspot and tune it as needed to keep providing the best possible service.

Content filtering

Because we keep in mind all retail areas need to protect the youngest and most sensitive customers from unsolicited content, we offer a range of web content filtering features that can suit your specific environment and clientele.

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