We create interactive and innovative services based on Wi-Fi, digital signage, and kiosks, for retail and corporate spaces that include:

  • Designing tailored user experience and interface to reach your marketing target;
  • Developing and executing a rollout that fits with your project methodology and time frames;
  • Measuring the actual usage, as a means to understand the needs of your target;
  • Evolving and enriching the experience over time.

Operating for your simplicity

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Design, prototyping, production, deployment, monitoring & maintenance


We save you the time, costs and risks of trialling new hardware, software and other products.
Every project we undertake is subject to a rigorous testing and prototyping process. We don’t stop until we’re confident we have it right and that the product or service meets your and your customers’ requirements.


Turning a prototype into a viable commercial proposition takes time, money and patience. We’ll do the hard work for you – creating all the detailed documentation, checking regulatory and other types of compliance, confirming market acceptability and getting your product or service ready for implementation in your marketplace.


Whatever solution you’ve asked us to develop, we’ll implement it where and how you want us to.

Monitoring and maintenance

Once your product or service is up and running, we’ll provide a thorough support, monitoring and maintenance service to identify and respond to issues and ensure everything continues to operate as it should.