Making things happen

We create interactive and innovative services based on Wi-Fi, digital signage, and kiosks, for retail and corporate spaces that include:

  • Designing tailored user experience and interface to reach your marketing target;
  • Developing and executing a rollout that fits with your project methodology and time frames;
  • Measuring the actual usage, as a means to understand the needs of your target;
  • Evolving and enriching the experience over time.
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Innovation made easy

Customers who chose us were looking for a supplier capable of :

  • Sharing experience and expertise with their marketing and IT departments;
  • Offering a range of proven, robust, yet flexible and unique, technology driven solutions;
  • As fully managed turnkey services;
  • Delivering fast on large scales.
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Developing ideas

As part of our commitment to exploring new ideas and breaking new ground, we’re always interested in partnerships, whether with :

  • manufacturers of new technologies looking for integrators who are ready to invest into new applications;
  • students, researchers, scientists who need the support of a commercial organisation to turn business ideas into reality;
  • post-graduates who are looking forward to join like-minded enthusiastic, inventive and hard working geeks.
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